Sunday, September 17, 2006

African philosophy

Other philosophical traditions, such as African philosophy, are rarely considered by foreign academia. Since emphasis is mainly placed on western philosophy as a reference point, the study, preservation and dissemination of valuable, but lesser known, non-Western philosophical works face many obstacles. Key African philosophers include the Fulani Uthman Dan Fodio, founder of the Sokoto Caliphate of Northern Nigeria and Umar Tall of Senegal; both were prolific Islamic scholars.


Blogger corneilius said...

There are indeed many philosophies which the industrialised world omits from it's range of 'approved for study' philosophers and philosophies.

The one most important is that which each individual crafts for themselves out of their own unique responses to life experience.

Education all but destroys the abilities required for such exercise of the mind and soul of a human being.

Thus the 'proscribed' courses of study in this subject seek merely to replicate those philosophies, with 'acceptable' variations for 'diversity' in the minds of the students.

The truth of philosophy, as of spirituality is that one must know oneself, be familiar with ones own depths and it is from this that both arise.

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